Articles on Contemporary France

It was recently brought to my attention that the journal Modern & Contemporary France is offering articles for free. Many of the subjects are relevant for a course in French civilization, post-revolutionary French history, or literature. In preparing for a civilization course I’ll be teaching in the spring, I was particularly drawn to the following articles:

Benjamin Stora, “La Guerre d’Algérie 40 ans après: connaissances et reconnaissance” (1994)

Françoise Picq, “Parité, la nouvelle exception française” (2002)

Martin O’Shaughnessy, “Post-1995 French Cinema: Return of the Social, Return of the Political?” (2003)

Paula Schwartz, “The Politics of Food in Occupied Paris” (1999)

In addition to the featured free articles, the journal offers many others for full-text download as well, including special issues entitled Empire and Culture Now (2010), The Fifth Republic at Fifty (2008), and French Cinema (2007). It seems like something to peruse if you’re also planning a course with specific analytical aims and more contemporary content.

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