Music: Francis Cabrel’s “Octobre” and the Futur Simple

You can use any French song to create some sort of grammar, vocabulary, or culture lesson. The song “Octobre” by Francis Cabrel lends itself particularly well to a review of the futur simple.  About half of the lines of the text contain a verb in the future, and many of them are irregular.

The exercise I’ve created for this song is a simple cloze activity: students listen to the song (at least twice!) and fill in the blanks with the missing verbs. In one version, the students are given the verb that fits but must conjugate it accordingly. In the more difficult version, students are given a list of the verbs used at the end and must both choose the correct verb and conjugate it. You can download either version using the following links:

Octobre Exercise Advanced

Octobre Exercise Easier

Download “Octobre” from

1 comment for “Music: Francis Cabrel’s “Octobre” and the Futur Simple

  1. Chloe Mais
    February 26, 2013 at 12:29 am

    I am thinking of using this to introduce my French 3 class to futur simple. Thanks!

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