First Day of Class: “Mad Libs” Activity

Need a quick activity idea to get students speaking to each other? Bonus if the activity is a quick review of some grammatical terms? Enter Mad Libs, that fill-in-the-blanks game that most students will be familiar with from their childhood. Mad Libs has seen a recent comeback among adults and I’ve even spotted them in hip East Village shops and places like Urban Outfitters.

The idea is simple: in partners, one student provides words that are specific parts of speech (noun, adjective, adverb, etc.) or vocabulary (name of a country, etc.) while the second student writes them down to fill in the blanks of a story. I’ve adapted this idea in French to use on the first day of class. The story the students “write” is entitled “Qui suis-je?” and they seem to find the resulting meaning entertaining.

You can download the file I created for this exercise here. You’ll only need to print out half as many copies as you have students.

2 comments for “First Day of Class: “Mad Libs” Activity

  1. Adam Mcilhenny
    August 16, 2012 at 3:49 pm

    Absolutely love this. Any more??

  2. Alyssa
    December 9, 2015 at 5:46 pm

    Vive le (nom-météo), vive le (nom-météo),

    Vive le (nom météo( de (saison).

    Qui s’en va verbe (participe présent), (verbe participe présent)

    Dans les grands (arbre-pluriel) verts.

    Vive le temps, vive le temps,

    Vive le temps de (saison)

    Boules de (nom météo) et jour de l’an

    Et bonne (unité de temps) grand-(membre de la famille).

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